Tư vấn mỏ

Construction and general services enterprise



Abbreviated name: VIMCC-CSE.

Address: Civil group 35B, Area 3, Cam Thanh ward, Cam Pha city, Quang Ninh province

Telephone: 033 3723 836


Fax: 033 3939837

Business Permit No.: 0313 000108 issued by Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment

Director: Nguyen Van Hien

Business production organization of the enterprise:

The enterprise has 45 employees, of which 45% are graduated from universities and colleges or of higher levels.

The Construction and General Services Enterprise is a dependently-accounting branch of Vinacomin Industry Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company, which has its own corporate capacity and seal, has rights to open bank accounts according to the law and carry out business production activities according to the charter and decentralized administration of Vinacomin Industry Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company.



  • Building industrial, civil, traffic, transport and electric works;
  • Providing consulting services for importing and exporting equipment and components; importing materials, equipment and components for the mining industry and other industries;
  • Trading services;
  • Trading in equipment and materials of the mineral exploitation sector and other sectors;
  • Exploiting, processing and trading in coal and minerals (except for minerals forbidden by the State);
  • Loading and transporting minerals, excavating soil and rock, and leveling grounds.
  • Studying, fabricating, producing and installing equipment and carrying out mechanical processing.
  • Trading in hotels, restaurants, pleasure houses;
  • Trading in domestic and international travel and tourist services (not including bars, karaoke rooms, dance-halls);
  • Processing forest products and trading in roadway supporting timber (except for forest products forbidden by the State);
  • Carrying out designing, surveying and exploratory drilling of engineering geology, hydrogeology;
  • Carrying out geodesic and geological designs, surveying topographical and cadastral maps.