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VIMCC summarizes trade-union work in 2013 and develops tasks in 2014

On the afternoon of 17January 2014, the Trade union of VinacominIndustry Investment Consulting Joint Stock Company (VIMCC)held the ceremony of summarizing the trade-union work in 2013and developing tasks in 2014.

The ceremony was attendedby Vu Thi Hai Yen, Member of the Standing Committee and Chairwoman of the InspectionCommission of the Trade Union of Vietnam National Coal- Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (Vinacomin),members of the Executive Board ofthe VIMCC Trade Union and chairpersons and vicechairpersons of Trade Unions ofdepartments,  subsidiaries as well asbranches of VIMCC.

Chairman of VIMCC TradeUnion Nguyen Chi Bao presented the report of summarizing the trade union work in2013 and developing tasks in 2014. The report showedthat in spite of economic  difficultiesin 2013, the company’s trade union has had a close co-ordination with specialistdivisions and provided drastic instructions to improve the quality and progressof the projects and works. At the same time, the VIMCC Trade Union took care ofthe employees’ life, carried out well democracy at grassroots level, theemployee’s belief with the trade union organization was confirmed. Propaganda andeducation for trade-unionists andemployees gained high results; the sport andcultural activities were maintained, creating the wide and deep movementattracting participation of many employees; the work of building a strong grassrootstrade union was paid attention to; the trade union staffs were regularlytrained to meet the requirements and tasks promptly. In the report, the shortcomingswere also serious reviewed. For example, the sport and cultural activities werenot connected with enterprises and member units; several activities did notattract many employees yet; the activeness and creativity ofsome trade union staffs were limited. In 2014, the workof production and business still faces many difficulties.  The trade union of the company continues to maintainstrong solidarity and attachment of the employees, bring into full play thespirit of overcoming difficulties and coordinate with the administration and organizationsto carry out the 2014 production and business plan well.

At the ceremony, Ms. VuThi Hai Yen, on behalf of VinacominTrade Union, awarded the Trade Union of Underground Mining Department and Trade Union of Technology Transfer and Trading Enterprise of VIMCC the Certificates of Merit by the Vinacomin Trade Union for their excellent achievements in 2013.


Nguyen Duc Thanh